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Spinone Italiano Puppies Near Me For Sale

Spinone Italiano puppies arriving soon. Well we went ahead and done it! Optimistically Treasure will be having puppies. Hopefully third time is a charm for Treasure. Yep this will be the third time breeding Treasure with the first two resulting in no pregnancy. Treasure seems to have a thing where she is all about it very early in her heat cycle and then she is the one and done girl. We go with nature around here and do not force the one and done girl. With all that said I am not very hopeful that Treasure will be having puppies so I went ahead and bred Truffle who is never a one and done girl. I have a ultrasound scheduled for April 29th to see if Treasure and Truffle are having puppies. Here at Michigan Spinone we will be having one or two litters of chubby, happy Spinone Italiano puppies. The puppies are due to arrive around May 25th, ready to go to their new homes the middle of July, 2024.
If you are interested in adding a Spinone Italiano puppy to your family please email, text or call, I would love to have a chat about Spinone Italiano puppies.   810-599-5627