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Meet Truffle

“Truffle” is a white with apricot undertones Spinone Italiano. I know that is not a color classification but it does describe her color the best. Ok to be technical Truffle is a white and orange roan Spinone Italiano. Truffle is our special Christmas puppy who we love so much.  Date of Birth Christmas Day 12/25/2020.

When I went out of state to look at a litter of puppies from another breeder, I saw Truffle in that litter and that was it. Truffle is absolutely beautiful.  Not only did she have excellent bone and conformation she was so cuddly and sweet. One of those roly poly puppies with the squishy nose you just want to hug all day; Truffle was very affectionate and accommodating to us.

I met Truffle’s mother “on that out of state trip and it took a couple days for her to come sit by me on the couch. Once she trusted me, I was golden and her best friend. I think she possibly would have come home with me.

Truffle our beautiful white Christmas puppy is definitely show quality. I know Truffle would win hands down in the show ring if only it were not for that one little problem. Truffle is very typical of the Spinone Italiano breed and she takes a bit to warm up to strangers. Truffle is a “Stranger Danger” kind of girl, just like her mother. It may take her a couple days to warm up to you but once she does you are golden and her best friend, not anyone else you know, just you. If you want her to warm up to someone else, we are starting on a whole new couple day warm-up friend request. When Truffle is home with just her family she is always by our side and goes wherever we go.  If a stranger shows up we will find Truffle in her crate with the door open waiting for the stranger to leave. In a way she is the perfect dog and never bothers any of our guests, ha. They do not even know she is around; she is like a cat in her personality. Truffle must 100 percent trust you before she lets you know how special she is. You can climb in her crate with her if you like, she will let you pet her, hug her, kiss her but she is not coming out of her crate.

Truffle loves going on the boat, she loves car rides. I never have to worry about anyone stealing Truffle when she is left in the car, she will not be going anywhere with anybody, ha. When a stranger walks by the car she doesn’t bark, she just gives them the side eye.

Truffle loves to be brushed and groomed; she falls asleep. Truffle has a longer coat, surely not a short field coat so taking off most of her coat for hunting and swimming is a must. I take most of her coat off in the Spring and by Fall/Winter her coat is ready for cold weather again.

Truffle loves water and actually lays down in her water trough in the summer. Believe it or not She loves baths, anything water she loves. The cold and snow are her favorite weather. A very affectionate, loving, sturdy and hardy girl. We haven’t used Truffle for duck hunting but I know she would go in that cold water with no reservations and bring back the duck. I love all Spinone Italiano but I must confess I love the white color the best. SCHHHHHH don’t tell the brown dogs.

Truffle as a puppy