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Meet Stella

First we had one (Spinone Italiano Dog) … and then we had to have two. I am almost positive no one can have just one Spinone Italiano!

We went to visit Stella when she was 4 weeks old and we said “YEP she is the one for us”. We went back and brought her home when she was eight weeks old. Stella is beautiful – mostly white, with orange spots.

Stella loves her toys and loves to play. She loves to hunt and ride in the car. She has never chewed anything up, has perfect house manners and totally lives up to the Spinone disposition! Stella always does what we ask of her. Stella is very feminine looking, affectionate and an all-around beautiful Spinone. Stella is a fantastic Spinone Italiano!

Stella’s weight 04/2019    82 LBS

Stella’s hips and eyes are certified. Hips excellent! Embark Testing free and clear.

Stella is retired from having puppies. 

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