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Meet River

River is a brown roan Spinone Italiano with brown spots.

And then there is River……talk about a bird dog! River’s number one thing he likes to do is go bird hunting. We would say he is “BIRD CRAZY!” We try and not let him know we are going bird hunting until we are ready to go out the door. If River even suspects we are going bird hunting (if he sees us putting on our hunting attire or getting our guns he goes “BIRD CRAZY!”)

River sure makes nice bird dog puppies and makes this bird dog breeder happy.

We named him River after the song Old Man River. He looks like an “Old Man” in the face with all his whiskers and beard.  River has been very easy to train (almost too easy!). River has perfect house manners.

We have had a lot of bird dogs over the years and have never had a dog like River. River is such a pleasure to have as a family pet and a terrific hunting companion. River has the right combination between family pet and excellent hunting companion. He knows when to turn it on and turn it off. 

River’s weight 05/2021  110 lbs

River’s hips and eyes are certified. Embark / DNA tested and cleared on all  genetic testing. 

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