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Meet Liberty


Liberty is a Spinone Italiano, brown roan with brown spots. Lots of color. Very nice if not excellent brown roan Spinone coat.

Liberty was named Liberty on the 4th of July when she was just a wee little puppy.

Liberty is just a tad bit too smart and a tad bit stubborn for her own good. Liberty definitely thinks she is smarter than me. Like when I call her to come inside and she hides behind the tree and she thinks you can’t see her when half of her butt is sticking out. She literally just stands there thinking I cannot see her! She has also figured out she is brown and at night we cannot see her. You can call her until the cows come home and she knows we can’t see her at night. We always have to be one step ahead of liberty; It’s called outdoor lights. There have been quite a few other things around here we have added or taken away to be one step ahead of Liberty.  We always have to think “is Liberty going to figure this out or should we adjust it”? When we put birds down to train, we cannot use flags to mark the birds, liberty just runs to the flags, yep there is the bird. Gezzzzz. Took her all but one second to figure that out when she was a puppy. Maybe her name suggests it, she is liberal and wants her liberty, Ha.

Don’t get me wrong Liberty is wonderful and she is the only dog I let jump on me. You ask why? She actually hugs me, not with a little hug but with a bear hug. She is so affectionate and loves me so much. Once you experience her hug you just can’t say “NO! GET OFF” more like “AWH, your so cute and loveable”. Liberty probably should be a therapy dog. Liberty has a great disposition and is very loving and a sweet girl.

Liberty loves to ride in the car and believe it or not loves to go to the vet, well to be accurate Liberty loves to go anywhere in the car. I can take Liberty visiting anywhere because she always behaves when we do go visit the large massive family we have; they all love her. Liberty loves everyone and everything including her bath. We couldn’t imagine our family without her.

Liberty has excellent conformation and represents the Italian Spinone very well. Liberty is very well proportioned, great conformation with a rear-end to match the front end, excellent bone and body on this girl.



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