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Meet Brandy

“BRANDY” is a brown roan with brown markings Spinone Italiano. Date of Birth 10/14/2020

I purchased Brandy from another breeder when she was a wee little puppy. I went to look at the litter of puppies and had first pick of all the puppies. I was looking at all the female puppies for the perfect girl to add to our pack here are Michigan Spinone. We never know for sure when the puppies are eight weeks old if they will pass all their testing or if they will progress along as a female you want to or should add to your breeding program. There are a lot of variables that factor into a breeding program.  Health is paramount in breeding dogs, then temperament, conformation, size, color…. pretty much in that order. What good is a good-looking dog that is not healthy or has a bad temperament?

I am very happy to say I wrote the other breeder recently and said to her “I am very happy and pleased with Brandy and how she has turned out”. We love Brandy. Brandy has no food issues, no skin issues, no ear problems. (You would be surprised how important these things are if she is to be a mommy one day).

Brandy has such a nice temperament. She is a such a loving girl and is always happy. She is very affectionate and loves all people and other dogs. Whoever gives her attention she loves it. She is well balanced on affection, not overly a pest but always looking for that pat on the head. Brandy Loves attention but does not pester you constantly for it (unless you’re sitting on the couch). Brandy always comes in when she meets new people with the submissive lowly stance then sticks like glue. Brandy is such a good testament how a Spinone Italiano as a breed have good temperaments and it is highly unlikely a Spinone Italiano will ever bite anybody.

Brandy loves her bones and toys and is pretty good at entertaining herself with her toys.

Brandy has super nice conformation, excellent bone, correct size for a female. Brandy has nice structure and size and has a well-balanced body type.

Brandy has a no fuss coat, which I greatly appreciate. There is nothing to do on Brandy’s coat, wash and towel dry. Brandy’s coat color is a little darker brown for a Spinone and would not be considered show color but I will say everyone who sees her prefers her color more so than the lighter monk brown they say is acceptable. Maybe they should rewrite the American Standard, most seem to like the darker richer color brown.

Brandy always listens but she can be a little hesitant when she wants you to pet her. Like sit, no just pet me, down, first pet me, come, sure if you pet me. All it takes is a little ok here is your pat on the head, now get on with it. I must admit Brandy pretty much has me trained. Brandy is a pampered girl and maybe a little too spoiled, but it is hard not to, she is so sweet. Brandy is very soft and gets her feelings hurt easily so scolding her makes me feel bad, so I spoil her and never scold her. ha

Even out bird hunting Brandy is always looking for that pet on the head. What we allow and help foster inside, will show up in the field hunting, it’s true. Brandy is birdy enough, loves finding the birds, pointing the birds (beautiful point) but she circles back way too much “saying you see me; I am a good girl”. Brandy will drop the bird a little way out but keeps on coming for that pat on the head. Always looking for the “GOOD GIRL, pet on the head”. I found the bird, pointed it, retrieved it now pet me and tell me I am a good girl. “She is a good girl”! How can I fault that. Then we are back to how can I scold her, Not!

Brandy as puppy