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Meet Bourbon

“Bourbon” is a brown roan with brown markings Spinone Italiano Dog. Date of Birth 10/06/2020

Bourbon is a River and Echo son, born and bred here at Michigan Spinone.

I always knew the day would come when our wonderful stud dog River would get up there in years and need to be retired from being a stud dog here at Michigan Spinone. Looking ahead to that day I always knew I wanted a River and Echo puppy to carry on the lineage and pedigree of these two wonderful dogs. Echo and River are such beautiful healthy Spinone Italiano dogs and have the best temperaments. Echo had three litters and her last litter I kept a puppy. Looking at all the puppies I picked out a male puppy (Bourbon) that had the sweetest temperament, very independent, nice conformation, excellent bone structure and of course the cutest puppy.

Bourbon is the sweetest male dog we have ever owned, not a mean bone in his body. Such a good family pet with excellent house manners. He is so easy going I have not spent any time training Bourbon or spent the time to teach him by time and repetition. Bourbon just progressed along and by his disposition got trained. I guess what I am saying is Bourbon has never been an effort to train. I have never had to scold him or discipline him. That is true, like the perfect dog.

Bourbon loves. Loves, loves the water, I cannot stress that enough. Bourbon loves to ride in the car. Bourbon is a very affectionate dog but well-balanced when it comes to attention and affection. Bourbon loves everyone and every dog he meets.  He loves stuffed animals and is usually carrying one around in his mouth, he never tears them up.

Bourbon is crate trained but I do not need to put him in his crate, he never gets into anything where I have to worry about leaving him unattended.

Bourbon has a beautiful wire hair coat. I do have to do much in the way of grooming him, just a little brushing and trimming of his face, he is a wash and towel dry dog.

Spinone Italiano are a sporting dog breed and as sweet as Bourbon is he does love to hunt. He gets very excited to be in the fields and woods searching for birds. He wags his tail as part of his point. I know some would say he needs a stationary tail when pointing, I say nonsense, let him express his happiness………….and Bourbon is such a happy dog.
Bourbon is quite birdy like his dad River. Bourbon points grasshoppers, butterflies, all birds, even geese flying over, he certainly comes by it naturally. Bourbon like his dad River has a very soft mouth as bird and game dog should. Bourbon caught a rabbit and he carried it around until I told him “Thank you, drop it”, he dropped the rabbit and the rabbit hopped off unharmed. The soft mouth is certainly what you want in a bird dog, no crushing and chomping of the game.

AL March refers to his “RIVER” as the “Ultimate Dog of the Universe” and said many times, “how are we ever going to get a stud dog as good as River?” He now has to admit Bourbon being a River son is the “Second Ultimate Dog of the Universe”. We are so in love with Bourbon! It is with great pleasure to announce that “BOURBON” has passed all his testing with flying colors, highest score a dog can get on his hips and is now ready to fill his Daddy River’s paws as the current Stud dog here at Michigan Spinone.