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Meet Americus


Americus is a white with orange Spinone Italiano, very little orange. She is one of the whitest Spinoni I have ever seen. She is referred to as bright white. Americus is so pretty. Americus looks like a girly feminine Spinone.

Americus got her name on the fourth of July when she was seven weeks old. A 4th of July puppy, Americus sounded like an appropriate name and it fits her.   

Americus is a dog who loves attention. I am always saying “Really Americus”. Americus will grab my shirt, pants, coat, hand whatever she can to keep my attention on her. Americus is always expressing “Please don’t go, just keep petting me”. Americus is such a happy dog, happy, happy, happy, her tail is always going. Her alias is “Wiggle butt!”

 Americus has a certain energy about her that is so adorable. Some have said “I want a puppy just like her”; cute, loveable and affectionate. Some have asked “why can’t I just have her?” They love her energy, her spunk and affectionate temperament.  

Americus has a true wirehair coat as a Spinone should have. When she was a puppy it was the tightest, courses’ coat I have ever seen on an Italian Spinone. Even though Americus is bright white in coloring her coat is a true wirehair coat so the dirt does not stick to it. A brush and go coat perfect for hunters and anyone who asks the question; How are we going to keep this white dog clean? Americus can go dig a hole in the backyard be black with dirt and in an hour look like she never dug that hole (even though I know she did it!) the dirt just doesn’t stick to her wire-haired coat. If all my Spinoni could have a coat like Americus I would be happy in a perfect Spinone Italiano world, Less baths, less grooming.

Americus I would say has a soft disposition and doesn’t do well with harsh reprimand, just a look is good enough for her. Americus is so, so affectionate and she loves her cuddle time. Americus is happy happy girl.

Unfortunately Americus did not pass her health testing on her hips and elbows so she will not be part of our breeding program….. As lovely as she is.



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