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Clare and River Puppies. Currently available;  Two (2) white females. Ready for their new homes starting Memorial Day weekend 05/26/2022

Email, text or call if you are interested in adding a Spinone Italiano puppy to your family.   810-599-5627 

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Two weeks old 04/20/22
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Meet Clarisse

Clarisse (Clare)

Clare is a Spinone Italiano brown roan with only one brown spot above her tail. Clare has an excellent wirehair coat which is no mess no fuss.

Sweet, sweet, sweet Clare. I cannot say it enough. Clare is such a sweetheart and always willing to please and do whatever we ask of her. I have never had to scold Clare or discipline her, its true. Now I know she sounds like the perfect dog right about now (well in my humble opinion sweet and perfect) let us talk specifics and see if you agree. Clare has an excellent coat, no matter if you hunt, show or are a pet owner, no fuss no mess, Excellent coat! Clare has the best disposition you could ever ask for in a dog. She loves kids, all dogs, all people and will probably go with just about anyone who will take her for a car ride. Many, many people have tried to take her home, I always catch them before they take my sweet Clare for a ride, ha.

Clare loves to hunt and is very good at it. Clare went to a professional hunt trainer for a few weeks and even he offered to take my sweet Clare off my hands. Clare’s stamina in the field was unsurpassable.

I have been told by people from Italy who reside here in the United States that Clare is the correct Spinoni type from Italy. The word got out and Clare has had several visitors from their homeland Italy that want a Clare puppy because of her conformation, body type and coat.

Clarisse my sweet and affectionate Spinone Italiano with a great disposition to match. We love, love, love her. This girl has it all together for a Spinone Italiano.

Weigth 72lbs 05/15/2020



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Meet River

River is a brown roan Spinone Italiano with brown spots.

And then there is River……talk about a bird dog! River’s number one thing he likes to do is go bird hunting. We would say he is “BIRD CRAZY!” We try and not let him know we are going bird hunting until we are ready to go out the door. If River even suspects we are going bird hunting (if he sees us putting on our hunting attire or getting our guns he goes “BIRD CRAZY!”)

River sure makes nice bird dog puppies and makes this bird dog breeder happy.

We named him River after the song Old Man River. He looks like an “Old Man” in the face with all his whiskers and beard.  River has been very easy to train (almost too easy!). River has perfect house manners.

We have had a lot of bird dogs over the years and have never had a dog like River. River is such a pleasure to have as a family pet and a terrific hunting companion. River has the right combination between family pet and excellent hunting companion. He knows when to turn it on and turn it off. 

River’s weight 05/2021  110 lbs

River’s hips and eyes are certified. Embark / DNA tested and cleared on all  genetic testing. 

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Amy's cell phone 2 1413

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Meet Liberty


Liberty is a Spinone Italiano, brown roan with brown spots. Lots of color. Very nice if not excellent brown roan Spinone coat.

Liberty was named Liberty on the 4th of July when she was just a wee little puppy.

Liberty is just a tad bit too smart and a tad bit stubborn for her own good. Liberty definitely thinks she is smarter than me. Like when I call her to come inside and she hides behind the tree and she thinks you can’t see her when half of her butt is sticking out. She literally just stands there thinking I cannot see her! She has also figured out she is brown and at night we cannot see her. You can call her until the cows come home and she knows we can’t see her at night. We always have to be one step ahead of liberty; It’s called outdoor lights. There have been quite a few other things around here we have added or taken away to be one step ahead of Liberty.  We always have to think “is Liberty going to figure this out or should we adjust it”? When we put birds down to train, we cannot use flags to mark the birds, liberty just runs to the flags, yep there is the bird. Gezzzzz. Took her all but one second to figure that out when she was a puppy. Maybe her name suggests it, she is liberal and wants her liberty, Ha.

Don’t get me wrong Liberty is wonderful and she is the only dog I let jump on me. You ask why? She actually hugs me, not with a little hug but with a bear hug. She is so affectionate and loves me so much. Once you experience her hug you just can’t say “NO! GET OFF” more like “AWH, your so cute and loveable”. Liberty probably should be a therapy dog. Liberty has a great disposition and is very loving and a sweet girl.

Liberty loves to ride in the car and believe it or not loves to go to the vet, well to be accurate Liberty loves to go anywhere in the car. I can take Liberty visiting anywhere because she always behaves when we do go visit the large massive family we have; they all love her. Liberty loves everyone and everything including her bath. We couldn’t imagine our family without her.

Liberty has excellent conformation and represents the Italian Spinone very well. Liberty is very well proportioned, great conformation with a rear-end to match the front end, excellent bone and body on this girl.



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Meet Bailey

Bailey is brown roan with brown spots. Bailey is a River and Stella daughter and looks like her Daddy.

If I could sum up Bailey it would be “What About Me”. Bailey is always in the mix. If one dog is getting a bath she will try to get in the bath too. If one dog is getting brushed she will wiggle her way in “What About Me”. No matter what is going on Bailey thinks she should be included. She is always willing to do whatever you ask of her. She loves car rides, she pretty much likes everything “What About Me”. Bailey in not a dog who constantly wants attention, she is not a affection hog she just think she should always be included in whatever is going on at the time. Bailey is the smartest of all the Spinoni here at Michigan Spinone. If there is a way Bailey will figure it out.
Bailey is an excellent hunter and loves to hunt. We kept Bailey out of a litter because we felt she was the complete Spinone, size, conformation, temperament and would be an excellent hunting dog. We were Spot on!

Bailey is a robust hardy girl who loves the outdoors. I have never got Bailey to give me kisses or lick me in the face. We have a nose to nose stare down but I cannot get her to give me a kiss. Just not here thing! She is a character.

Bailey’s weight 05/2021 78lbs

Baileys hip are tested as excellent. Embark DNA tested, all clear on all genetic testing.



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Meet Americus


Americus is a white with orange Spinone Italiano, very little orange. She is one of the whitest Spinoni I have ever seen. She is referred to as bright white. Americus is so pretty. Americus looks like a girly feminine Spinone.

Americus got her name on the fourth of July when she was seven weeks old. A 4th of July puppy, Americus sounded like an appropriate name and it fits her.   

Americus is a dog who loves attention. I am always saying “Really Americus”. Americus will grab my shirt, pants, coat, hand whatever she can to keep my attention on her. Americus is always expressing “Please don’t go, just keep petting me”. Americus is such a happy dog, happy, happy, happy, her tail is always going. Her alias is “Wiggle butt!”

 Americus has a certain energy about her that is so adorable. Some have said “I want a puppy just like her”; cute, loveable and affectionate. Some have asked “why can’t I just have her?” They love her energy, her spunk and affectionate temperament.  

Americus has a true wirehair coat as a Spinone should have. When she was a puppy it was the tightest, courses’ coat I have ever seen on an Italian Spinone. Even though Americus is bright white in coloring her coat is a true wirehair coat so the dirt does not stick to it. A brush and go coat perfect for hunters and anyone who asks the question; How are we going to keep this white dog clean? Americus can go dig a hole in the backyard be black with dirt and in an hour look like she never dug that hole (even though I know she did it!) the dirt just doesn’t stick to her wire-haired coat. If all my Spinoni could have a coat like Americus I would be happy in a perfect Spinone Italiano world, Less baths, less grooming.

Americus I would say has a soft disposition and doesn’t do well with harsh reprimand, just a look is good enough for her. Americus is so, so affectionate and she loves her cuddle time. Americus is happy happy girl.

Unfortunately Americus did not pass her health testing on her hips and elbows so she will not be part of our breeding program….. As lovely as she is.



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Meet Stella

First we had one (Spinone Italiano Dog) … and then we had to have two. I am almost positive no one can have just one Spinone Italiano!

We went to visit Stella when she was 4 weeks old and we said “YEP she is the one for us”. We went back and brought her home when she was eight weeks old. Stella is beautiful – mostly white, with orange spots.

Stella loves her toys and loves to play. She loves to hunt and ride in the car. She has never chewed anything up, has perfect house manners and totally lives up to the Spinone disposition! Stella always does what we ask of her. Stella is very feminine looking, affectionate and an all-around beautiful Spinone. Stella is a fantastic Spinone Italiano!

Stella’s weight 04/2019    82 LBS

Stella’s hips and eyes are certified. Hips excellent! Embark Testing free and clear.

Stella is retired from having puppies. 

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Meet Grace

Gracie our perfect Spinone Italiano Dog is a lover and prefers human affection more than anything.

Grace especially loves kids. We got Gracie when she was 8 weeks old, and I don’t think Grace has ever been scolded for anything, she never does anything wrong! She loves to please everyone.

Grace loves her toys and her  Spinone pack of dogs she lives with, but I think she loves us humans more. Grace is a Champion show dog and loves the show ring. I guess she just likes to show off! Gracie is white with orange spots. Grace would rather be in the house with us humans than out with her pack.

We love Gracie!

Gracie’s weight 11/2018    85 LBS

Gracie’s hips and eyes are certified.

Grace is retired from having puppies.

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Meet Echo

Echo is a brown roan with brown spots. Echo is such a lover; she loves attention and loves everyone. She thinks everyone who comes to visit must surely be coming to see her! Echo loves her toys (and everyone else’s, too).

Her favorite thing to do is swim. Echo loves the water and it is hard to keep her away from any water including her water dish. If there is too much water in her dish she feels she should submerge her face in it and it is time for a swim. She loves to hunt and did I mention SWIM? It is never a problem giving Echo a bath. Echo also loves being outside more than being inside. Echo is the first one out and the last one in. Echo is a very sweet Spinone Italiano Dog- we love her!

We really feel at times Echo has us humans trained!

Echo’s weight 04/2020   82 LBS

Echo’s hips and eyes are certified. Embark DNA tested, all clear.

Echo is retired from having puppies and enjoys her life on the couch, in the field and swimming in the pond.

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