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Michigan Spinone: Pawsitively Priceless

At Michigan Spinone, we are a small in-home breeder, committed to premium care and socialization of all of our dogs and puppies. If you are looking for a family, hunting, or companion puppy, look no further than our smart, loving, and high-quality pups! All of our puppies are sold with a health guarantee. We have worked hard to earn our reputation as a trusted, friendly, reliable breeder!

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Spinone Italiano. Puppies arriving soon. Spinone Italiano Breeders Near Me

Spinone Italiano. Puppies arriving soon. Treasure and Truffle both “Briar’s Creek” pedigreed girls due to have puppies this month of May, 2024. Bourbon the sire of both litters is a “Mals-About” and “Mountain Valley” pedigreed Boy. I most likely will […]

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Meet Brandy

“BRANDY” is a brown roan with brown markings Spinone Italiano. Date of Birth 10/14/2020

I purchased Brandy from another breeder when she was a wee little puppy. I went to look at the litter of puppies and had first pick of […]

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Meet Truffle

“Truffle” is a white with apricot undertones Spinone Italiano. I know that is not a color classification but it does describe her color the best. Ok to be technical Truffle is a white and orange roan Spinone Italiano. Truffle is […]

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Meet Bourbon

“Bourbon” is a brown roan with brown markings Spinone Italiano Dog. Date of Birth 10/06/2020

Bourbon is a River and Echo son, born and bred here at Michigan Spinone.

I always knew the day would come when our wonderful stud dog River […]

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Meet Clarisse

Clarisse (Clare)

Clare is a Spinone Italiano brown roan with only one brown spot above her tail. Clare has an excellent wirehair coat which is no mess no fuss.

Sweet, sweet, sweet Clare. I cannot say it enough. Clare is such a […]

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Meet River

River is a brown roan Spinone Italiano with brown spots.
And then there is River……talk about a bird dog! River’s number one thing he likes to do is go bird hunting. We would say he is “BIRD CRAZY!” We try and […]

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Meet Bailey

Bailey is brown roan with brown spots. Bailey is a River and Stella daughter and looks like her Daddy.

If I could sum up Bailey it would be “What About Me”. Bailey is always in the mix. If one dog […]

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Meet Liberty


Liberty is a Spinone Italiano, brown roan with brown spots. Lots of color. Very nice if not excellent brown roan Spinone coat.

Liberty was named Liberty on the 4th of July when she was just a wee little puppy.

Liberty is just […]

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Meet Americus


Americus is a white with orange Spinone Italiano, very little orange. She is one of the whitest Spinoni I have ever seen. She is referred to as bright white. Americus is so pretty. Americus looks like a girly feminine Spinone.

Americus […]

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Meet Stella

First we had one (Spinone Italiano Dog) … and then we had to have two. I am almost positive no one can have just one Spinone Italiano!
We went to visit Stella when she was 4 weeks old and we said […]

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