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Tom and Joanna Middelditch 734-347-3437   Puppy: Rufus

Mark Jernigan 989-387-1609      Puppy: Maz

Stephanie Breamer     Puppy:Ezra

Katie and Jason Zurawski   708-710-7605    Puppy: Sergio

Dr Tom Lotus   708-588-8201    Puppy:Yeti

Melissa Wood      Puppy : Gus

Belinda and Bill Hammack     Puppy: Castle

Mark Hensel    Puppy: Gus

Carran McKenzie  Puppy: Leo

Don Jones  Puppy: Juno

Veterinarian: Dr. James Botsford  (810) 229-5300 Woodland Animal Hospital, Brighton MI.

Maria Malagon    1-888-570-8653 Puppy: Hazel Maria can give you Hazel’s blog and you can follow her progress in the Hero Dogs program for veterans.

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