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Meet Echo

We got Echo when she was 9 weeks old. Echo is a brown roan with brown spots, and is the baby of her pack.

Echo is such a lover; she loves attention and loves everyone. She thinks everyone who comes to visit must surely be coming to see her! Echo loves her toys (and everyone else’s, too).

Her favorite thing to do is swim. Echo loves the water and it is hard to keep her away from any water including her water dish. If there is too much water in her dish she feels she should submerge her face in it and it is time for a swim. She loves to hunt and did I mention SWIM? It is never a problem giving Echo a bath. Echo also loves being outside more than being inside. Echo is the first one out and the last one in.

We really feel at times Echo has us humans trained!

Echo’s weight 05/17   106LBS

Echo’s hips and eyes are certified.

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