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Meet Bailey

Bailey is a brown roan with brown spots. Bailey is a River daughter and looks like her Daddy.

If I could sum up Bailey it would be “What About Me”. Bailey is always in the mix. If one dog is getting a bath she will try to get in the bath too. If one dog is getting brushed she will wiggle her way in “What About Me”. No matter what is going on Bailey thinks she should be included. She is always willing to do whatever you ask of her. She loves car rides, she pretty much likes everything “What About Me”. Bailey in not a dog who constantly wants attention, she is not a affection hog she just think she should always be included in no matter what is going on.
Bailey is an excellent hunter and loves to hunt. She is a great babysitter to the younger pups. Bailey is a robust hardy girl who loves the outdoors. I have never got Bailey to lick me in the face. We have a nose to nose stare down but I cannot get her to lick me. She is a character.

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